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Fund Name   Description
Foundation Fund Donate
North Bay Symphony Society Fund Donate This fund was created to provide a source of funding in perpetuity to ensure that the Society will continue to entertain, enrich, and educate through orchestra performances and music education programs for generations to come.
North Bay and District Chamber of Commerce Community Fund Donate
Smart and Caring Communities Fund Donate As part of the Canada-wide Smart and Caring Campaign the North Bay and Area Community Foundation has launched its ownSmart and Caring Community Fund with an initial contribution of $25,000. These funds will be held in perpetuity from which the interest will be granted to local community groups annually. As we approach our country’s 150th birthday Canada’s Governor General, The Right Honourable David Johnston, has challenged Canadians to imagine our country as it could be – a smart and caring nation that holds promise for all. Leading up to 2017, community foundations across Canada will establish a local Smart & Caring Community Fund to support critical priorities, key projects, or ongoing needs in their community. Each fund will be unique to its community, but all will share similar values and a ‘smart and caring’ goal. Together they will leave a nation-wide legacy for Canada’s 150th birthday – a permanent asset that will serve Canadian communities for generations to come.
Calvin Presbyterian Church Legacy Fund Donate This fund will sustain and enhance the long-term ministry and mission of Calvin, beyond what would normally be possible through its annual budget. It will celebrate, continue and enhance the legacy of members and friends of Calvin for generations to come. Additionally, it will put into action Calvin's ministry, "Continuing the Caring of Jesus."
Cunningham Community Fund Donate This fund is dedicated to the goals of Sharon and Bob Cunningham in supporting activities in the North Bay Area that resonate with their varied interests. Currently, issues like mental health, animal welfare and social well-being are of particular interest, along with other causes that may have a lower profile.
Jack Burrows Fund Donate In celebration of Jack’s inspiring history in North Bay, his 80th birthday, and our growing Foundation we have established this fund. All donations will be kept in perpetuity and the interest produced will be granted out to local organizations each year.
Kennedy Fall Fellowship Fund Donate
Limina Family Classroom and Culture Fund Donate Through this fund, The Limina Family aims to sustain and improve our community through strengthening/supporting education and the creative sector, primarily within the North Bay Area.
Mary and John Thornton Futures Fund Donate The Thorntons have generously created the Mary and John Thornton Futures Fund to preserve and enrich the future of our area. This fund will primarily focus on designating grants in three core areas: the environment, music and music education. More specifically, this fund will work to conserve our area's natural systems, support our local music community and encourage innovation in music education
The Neil and Katherine Kennedy Brick and Mortar Fund Donate Neil and Katherine have created this fund to preserve and sustain the spaces which are vital to our community’s identity. They aim to fund well-used spaces, which are accessed by people of all ages, focusing on outdoor areas and arts facilities. It is their generous way of ensuring that the spaces which are integral to our community’s way of life are available for use by all for years to come. “A good ‘foundation’ is key to success in all measures.” – The Kennedys
Thomson Children's Foundation Donate In celebration of their children Vaughn and Lincoln, Margaret and Eric Thomson have created this fund to enhance the lives of youth, primarily in our area. Through this foundation, the Thomson Family will work to build a future for youth which includes access to essential programming and resources from a variety of avenues, including sport, recreation, and education.
Thomson Family Foundation Donate The Thomson Family Fund will provide annual grants to registered charities, primarily in the North Bay Area. This Fund marks the legacy of one family’s endless generosity and care for our area.
Venasse Community-Building Fund Donate To provide funding to charitable organizations within the North Bay Area, and to ensure that certain projects and groups, on which the North Bay Area community relies, are supported and sustained for years to come. To ‘build better’ in both the professional and philanthropic sectors.
Field of Interest
Bob and Carol Wood Fund for Alzheimer's Care Donate The purpose of this fund is to provide support, primarily to charitable organizations working to offer care to clients with Alzheimer’s, and to follow Bob Wood’s lead and provide care for our community while bravely tackling life’s challenges with humour and compassion. “The mind forgets, but the heart will always remember.” – Twang Eng Tan
Powassan and Area Family Health Team Flow-Through Fund Donate The PAAFHT aims to care for the Powassan and Area community and continually strive to provide comprehensive, accessible and coordinated primary health care of the highest quality in a patient-centered environment of care and mutual respect. The purpose of this fund is to assist the PAAFHT in equipping their new facility which will enable them to provide better and more efficient service to their patients.
Barbara Treleaven Memorial Dance Award Donate This award provides scholarships to students graduating from secondary schools within our area, with a background in dance. It was created to honour and celebrate Barbara Treleaven, whose local legacy and passion for the fine arts was undeniable. “A dance teacher helps their students find the song in their heart, the beat in their feet and a passion for life.” -Unknown
Keera Daniel Memorial Scholarship Donate The purpose of the Keera Daniel Memorial Scholarship is to provide scholarships for students graduating from secondary schools within our area. Successful recipients will plan to receive a post-secondary education, at the college or university level, the year following their secondary school departure. In Keera’s seventeen years, she endeavored to connect and motivate those around her. Throughout her fight with cancer she always maintained her quick wit, smile and care for others. Keera was brave, forward-thinking, and took on life’s challenges without complaint. This scholarship fund was created to celebrate Keera and remind others to follow her inspiring example. This scholarship was created with generous funding provided by The Hughes Family Foundation.
Marty Southcott Scholarship Fund Donate This award provides scholarships to students with a background in the arts who are graduating from a local secondary school. This fund celebrates and honours the legacy of Marty Southcott and her unquestionable contribution to performance arts in our community.
Other Funds